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Verset Parfums UK

Hiveperfumes is the UKs official stockist of Verset Parfums.

Benefits of buying direct with hiveperfumes:

  • The full range is in stock in the UK

  • Clear pricing

  • Free delivery on orders over threshold.

  • Rewards (free perfume)

  • Genuine perfume (avoid fake product on other sites)

  • Trustpilot reviews for peace of mind

  • Excellent customer service

The biggest benefit of all is choosing your free 15ml verset perfume with your order as you get to discover the other fragrances for free!

Other retailers don't offer you the free sampling service, so support hiveperfumes so that we can continue to offer this service.

Verset EDP.

The Verset Parfums list can be found on our website for you to discover.

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